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GLPS recognises that global events from the post COVID-19 pandemic have compelled professional services’ firms to re-evaulate and revolutionise their business models. Traditional business models have undergone tectonic shifts to meet the demands of the Industry 4.0 era. The pandemic has also brought into stark relief the real need for remote, virtual essential professional services in times of crisis. New norms of working have become mainstream. The pandemic has taught us that businesses which are agile, flexible, and responsive were the most successful in addressing the challenges brought about by unprecedented lockdowns globally.

GLPS is a boutique Professional Services Outsourcing Company, with specialisation in Legal Process Outsourcing, which recognises that, in the post-Pandemic era, organisations have had to be innovative in designing operating models which significantly reduce overhead costs while simultaneously maintaining exacting standards of customer service excellence, increasing growth, and improving profitability and shareholder value for the organisation.


GLPS is ideally positioned as a preferred specialist partner tasked with optimising your organisation’s workflow. Simply put we perform the routine administration, legal & support functions which are needed for your organisation to flourish, whilst you focus on your core functions. By utilising our services, our partner organisations have achieved greater efficiencies, better customer service and thereby better referrals for future potential business. All of which makes for increased growth, profitability, and sustainability.


At GLPS, we pride ourselves on successfully collaborating with our customers to revolutionise their operational architecture. The aim is to unlock hidden value and contain costs by migrating from traditional brick and mortar behemoths to virtual juggernauts. more We provide services which are cost-effective, scalable, and customisable without compromising quality and professionalism. Your goals are our goals, and we develop a unique outsourcing plan addressing your needs and overcoming your challenges, whilst driving down cost and increasing your profitability. We have a team of specialists with a combined experience of over 25 years the Legal, Project Management Immigration administration fields, with a proven record of building great partnerships with small to medium- sized legal professional services’ firms in providing outsourcing services to them.


With GLPS on board, our clients have been able to enjoy greater flexibility in their operational environment without the burden of carrying high overhead costs, such as office rental, staff salaries, equipment maintenance etc. Most importantly, they have improved communication both internally and with their customers and have improved output as a result.

Outsourcing to GLPS has also freed our clients to be more focused on growth and customer engagement, which led to them cementing new and stronger relationships with their clients, with a high-level of customer satisfaction.


At GLPS, we focus on two key things that are critical to any organisation’s success, namely technology and Process Management. By identifying and implementing the best bespoke technological tools and software solutions to your organisation’s requirements and utilising such technological tools to drive clearly thought-out processes, we guarantee the success of any business process or function outsourced to us.

GLPS can tailor solutions to suit each client’s needs, and we can provide support to your organization that ranges from turnkey solutions to simple ad hoc ring-fenced projects.

GLPS will help you unlock your true value as an organisation. Bring us on board to help you unlock the true value of your business whilst you concentrate on the stuff that matters. We offer winning professional solutions, developed by experts for experts.

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