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Business: Immigration and Visa Processing Services

Business: Immigration and Visa Processing Services:


GLPS’s qualified professionals operate using the latest and most efficient software and tools to achieve optimised results through decreased turnaround times at arbitraged costs. Our Immigration Services are all underpinned by clear, efficient, and effective processes that are meticulously implemented to manage our partners’ customers’ needs. Our highly experienced team dedicates itself to implementing optimally designed procedures that take into consideration the latest requirements in immigration law.

These services include:

  • Full Case Management on a remote basis:

GLPS provides Paralegal and administrative services by highly trained remote workers, using proven case management procedures and using software designed to efficiently manage time-sensitive processes, including managing of data, and tracking of deadlines, to manage Visa applications from start to finish.

  • Document and form Preparation and collation:

We take over from the client-intake stage, and manage all document collection, preparation, and collation of final application documents.

  • Drafting of Petitions and Supporting Documents

Our writers have been specifically trained to draft Petitions related to US Visas and have the technical skills to translate the supporting evidence into well-prepared and successful Visa Petitions. Our use of case management software and tools make the process of collating information, sharing drafts, and signing of documents easy and painless.

  • Quality Assurance for Case Preparation

We review each full set of case documents prior to submission, to ensure full compliance to the regulatory requirements, and to ensure only well-written and cogent applications are submitted, thereby enhancing the chances of successful applications.

  • Consulate assistance

We can help you file non-immigrant or immigrant visas abroad at any U.S. consulate abroad. We specialize in the DS-160, DS-156, and DS-157 Petitions. We can help prepare you on what to bring to the consulate for your interview. We also can help follow up on sensitive case matters and expedite or inquire on cases you have already filed that are experiencing delays with.


  • Marketing Campaigns

-Media and promotional campaigns that include published articles, reviews, or write ups for individuals (actors, artists, entertainers, etc.), upcoming films, products, or businesses

-Create content for marketing print or digital materials


  • PERM Labor Certification

-Recruitment Advertisings nationwide as required by Dept. of Labor: Sunday newspapers, SWA job orders, University job boards, Professional journals/magazines, Radio spots, Local/Ethnic newspapers, Internet Job Sites, and more

-Media Research nationwide

-Prevailing Wage requests to DOL

-Job descriptions

-Online filings to DOL

-Credential Evaluations

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