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U.S. Immigration law is a diverse and complex area to develop expertise in. Aspiring practitioners need to acquire a solid foundation of the necessary skills and knowledge in specific areas of immigration laws to be effective and successful in handling their client’s needs. Because this area of law impacts so closely on the legal statuses of clients, due diligence and compliance is vital.

GLPS offers a range of practical short courses delivered by experienced immigration law specialists, designed to equip paralegals and new practitioners with the required knowledge and analytical mindset to produce successful filings to USCIS, the Dept. of Labor or the Dept. of State. This will ensure your law firm has highly skilled paralegals in certain areas of immigration law. New practitioners gain expertise and confidence in filing immigration cases or supervising paralegals.

Our training courses cover a wide variety of topics and are held online to make them easily accessible to all no matter where your organization is based. In addition to training, we provide case studies, samples of cases and reference materials to make the courses more engaging.

We also offer enhanced training where we teach attorneys or paralegals to achieve higher filing rates and higher approval rates, which we believe is the secret to building a robust and profitable immigration law practice.

Some of the short courses we offer are:

  1. Preparing a successful O-1B Visa application.
  2. Preparing a successful EB-1 Visa application.
  3. Preparing a successful EB-2 Visa application.
  4. Preparing a successful EB-3 Visa application
  5. Preparing a successful PERM Visa application.
  6. How to tackle Requests for Further Evidence (RFE’s).
  7. Mentoring and consulting sessions on your live cases
  8. Enhanced Training: Achieving higher filing and approval rates
  9. Enhanced Training: Making the law firm profitable and efficient
  10. How to set up a new Immigration Law Practice.

Our courses and can be tailored to suit your needs. Contact us, we are happy to work with you to determine your unique needs.

Who should take these courses?

New practitioners seeking to increase their knowledge in specialized areas of immigration law.

Paralegals or employees working in immigration law firms who want to solidify and increase their knowledge of an area of immigration law. Newly hired paralegals or employees who need to learn about specific areas of immigration law.


Global Legal Processing Services

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